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CDD for Corporate Service Providers
Every regulatory framework that oversees a CSP interacting with a customer emphasizes customer identification as a critical first-step in anti-money laundering compliance. KYCP is specifically designed to automate such processes making them more reliable and efficient.

KYC Portal (KYCP) has been built bearing the requirements of financial insititutions in mind. The specifications of this tool have been drafted together with a number of financial institutions to be able to gather the most varied type of requirements.

One of the biggest advantages that KYCP offers to the financial industry is the ability to adapt to each respective market. Audit firms and similar financial institutions usually cater for varied markets such as corporate, marine, gaming and other sectors - each of which require different KYC processes and regulations.

KYCP allows the organisation to be able to create multiple programmes to cater for the different requirements. Each programme can be set with its own entities (such as Director, Investor, Fund Beneficiary), specific fields, dedicated scoring with defined RAG boundaries and customised check-lists and document types.

Further to this KYCP allows an organisation to dedicate team members per programme based on roles and rights.
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