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KYC PORTAL at a glance
Intuitively simple to administer, KYCP is a fully-fledged risk assessment platform that seamlessly adapts to your organisation's unique needs thanks to granular customisable parameters, fully tailored data fields and a host of tools designed to foolproof the most stringent due diligence of assessments.
Starting off Your Customer identification process

KYCP is designed to seamlessly scale with your organisation’s growth.  At the heart of the system is the potential to create an unlimited number of risk assessment programmes as and when you need them. 

Programmes allow for the definition of the varying types of due diligence applications being carried out, each with specific entities being audited, conditional rules, user permissions and role definitions, questionnaire types and reporting. 

Application tree
Visualise any custom entity type in a hierarchical tree format, associating assessed subjects in a nested format for instant identification of full relationship of dependencies, no matter how complex the application being assessed.
Customisable Checklists
Set guidelines per single entity type within each programme at creation stage through mandated checklists with audited completion toggles. Enable delegation of work across staff levels and teams, triggering secondary actions and requirements that will in turn impact the overall assessment and system-generated recommendations for application approval or otherwise.
Detailed Entity View
Detailed entity views are intuitively accessed from the application tree and feature any set of custom defined fields, any uploaded documents associated within one or more applications, face-to-face video calls, time-stamped and user-defined free-text notes.
Entity-level questionnaires for each risk assessment programme type speed up the initial entity identification process, by enabling front-line staff to take on some of the processes as well as the ability to transmit a secure remote link for entries to be directly compiled by the individual or authorised entity representative.
Document Types
Predefined document types allow for the upload of required documentation as well as including mandated document types as part of the individual entity verification process and scoring methodology.
Organigram Generation
Within KYCP, users are able to visualise an entity’s relationships across applications and roles, via a fully dynamic graphic HTML5 organigram, highlighting graphically any anomaly, suspect behaviour or conversely reach and worth of an entity being assessed.

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risk management solutions, compliance solution, kyc verification - KYC Portal Aqubix
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